Perfectionist Polar Bear

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This is a meme and support blog for perfectionists and individuals with perfectionist traits.

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Anonymous asked: Not going to lie, when I first seen this blog I found it a little offensive. Probably because I'm just figuring out this whole "I'm struggling with perfectionism" crap and it sucks. But seeing you guys there for ppl like me makes me happy. Thank you


You’re very welcome :)

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thelifeofanaccountingstudent asked: This blog is wonderful!


We’re so glad you think so :) Have a wonderful day xx

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10 Steps to Conquer Perfectionism - World of Psychology →


Take 10 steps to sanity: researchers says perfectionism may lead to mental illness, so better beat it before it beats you.

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On Being a Perfectionist. →


I used to think that being a perfectionist in certain aspects of my life was a great thing. I thought that because I had high standards for myself and the quality of my work, that I would be happier. I would put extra effort into making everything perfect, focusing on every last detail of…

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A Mantra For Perfectionist’s


I am not my GPA.

I am not my weight.

I am not my physical fitness level.

I am not my relationship status.

I am not  the opinions of others.

My value is not determined by anything. My worth can not be taken away or earned. I am a human being not a human doing. There is nothing for me to prove to myself, or anyone else. 

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This actually really helps me when I’m struggling sometimes :)

This actually really helps me when I’m struggling sometimes :)


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Anonymous asked: Perfectionism is such a misunderstood issue and I have only recently discovered it in myself (and am now discovering it in everything that I do). So finding this blog just now full of quotes/memes that hit home harder than anything else actually makes me cry with happiness, cuz someone gets it, and my favorite animal is the polar bear. No need to publish this, just wanted to express unending gratitude. I will be stalking this blog from now on.


Happy to publish this :) So glad you can get something good from this blog, we’re always here for you. xx

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Anonymous asked: I love you, perfectionist polar bear ; v ; <3


As we love you, anon <3

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Hiya :) I’m a new admin, Katie ( I’ll be joining Kaylee in running Perfectionist Polar Bear. 

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