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This is a meme and support blog for perfectionists and individuals with perfectionist traits.

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Anonymous asked: Why did Kris leave? She's the one who created this meme, shouldn't she still be here?


She had personal reasons for leaving to benefit her health. Health is the most important thing to care about, she left it in capable hands.

— 2 months ago with 1 note
Totally empty queue!

Don’t be afraid to submit your posts! We are also looking for a few more admins so if you’re interested please send us an ask so we can keep this blog active and running! Thank you 

- Kaylee

— 3 months ago
Hey homies!

So I’ve been meaning to say this for a while but I’m overly sentimental and attached and didn’t want to do the thing but, I’m going to leave yall beauties & modding at perfectionistpolar bear!

I love you! I really do! But I’m a shit mod, I’ve been inactive for so so long and I’ve done nothing to help other lil polarbears out there! 

I’m so so sorry! I really hope you can forgive me and I love you guys a whole lot!

I’m still on tumblr and surely won’t be leaving for a while,

and I also still mod at the ladies room!  Called the ladies room as we’re all ladies but open for all questions. 

I love you I truly really do I love you, I hope you are all going to be well and I love you and please prosper and live well!



[~Trip out]

— 4 months ago with 2 notes
#trip answers  #admins  #good bye and i love you i hope you know i am sorry for failing you